The Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 is an oil-free compressor that requires less maintenance unlike compressor lubricant. This model is great for light housework and is also ideal for pumping tires and small items. If you are someone who is looking for a lightweight compressor, then you may consider 3-gallon air compressor Campbell Hausfeld FP209499’s.

Some people have invested in this specific model for its portability and efficiency it offers for inflation, stapling, brad nails, and spray paint. The 3-gallon tank provides a power boost is not stored while also eliminating vibrations generated by piston action. In addition, the gauges are conveniently located to easily monitor air pressure, plus a set of accessories included with this model that has a 25-foot hose jerk, female coupler, blow-gun, needs inflation, male plugs, adapters inflation, PTFE tape, and sharp inflation hose.


  • 1 year warranty period
  • Includes a set of enhancements to allow users to work with the compressor as soon as possible
  • Equipped with an engine light duty cooler-running that maintains functionality and overall performance of the compressor.
  • It has easy operation and control panel designed with a handle for portability and convenience that makes air compressors are easy to use.
  • Designed with three-gallon capacity tank for storing air is full and a maximum of 110psi. Airflow CFM delivery at 90psi is 0.51, and is the perfect tool for the task quickly and easily.

This is not a large air compressor can be attached to any air-powered tools such as sandblasters, crusher, air tools or other continuous use 4-6 CFM requirements to operate properly however, users have claimed that the compressor has sufficient capacity and pressure to electric staplers or nail gun.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • It measures 7.87 (w) x 15.74 (H) x 19:58 (diameter) by inches, weighing about 20 lbs. which makes the compact design of the air compressor is really light and easy to carry.
  • The compressor is considered to be an excellent choice for a variety of simple tasks that include cleaning motors, small appliances, automobile tires, installing molding, blow off the dust, and even made perfect for the heavy frame nailers. Campbell Hausfeld FP209499’s although not fashioned for larger engines, it is widely useful for most home projects that do not require much power.
  • A general complaint about Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 air compressor noise that it generates. It may not be a serious problem for all users working with this model, but some of them say that they have to wear hearing protection when operating the compressor.
  • A common complaint about the time it will be necessary for it to achieve pressure. Some users say that the time needed for their compressor to come up with enough pressure for 10 minutes. It can not really be a problem for some people, but for those who want a compressor that rapid charging, then this particular model may not fully meet their needs .
  • Many users also mentioned the quality of the tube compressor, and according to them, its helical pipes is too hard unlike other models. Despite this complaint, you can simply replace the pipe with a better quality rubber.

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